Why AroHawk

Why AroHawk Fundraising

An AroHawk fundraiser will be your absolute favorite way to raise money for your organization, and here’s why:

Rock Solid Brand

AroHawk’s Discount Network is loved all over America, and especially by adults. People of all ages already have a connection to our merchant’s brands because we’re the national and local brand stores they shop at today. So when it comes to fundraising, volunteers will be more excited and likely to sell our memberships over “no name” products they don’t care about. And since most adults want to get the best value available when they are shopping at their favorite stores and the ease of use with our mobile smart phone app or online access they save on average $1,500 per year.

Fundraising Program Support

The AroHawk Easy How-to-Fundraiser is a simple fundraising program that gives you the support you need — from start to finish. The AroHawk How-To step-by-step Guide will help you stay organized. From kicking off and announcing your event, to tallying your net profit, we’ll help you navigate the process. Plus, our fun, eye-catching flyers, Press Releases, event materials and other tools will help you promote your fundraiser and sell more. Most of our materials are available as free downloads online, and we’ll provide you with recommendations on when and where to use them so you’ll achieve maximum fundraising success! We work hard, so you don’t have to.

Big Profits with Every Membership Sold

Your community doesn’t want cheap plastic trinkets, fattening bake goods or more wrapping paper – and how many candy bars would your group need to sell in order to meet your fundraising goals? [Too many] AroHawk fundraising memberships stand out from the crowd, and practically sell themselves. Even if your community is bombarded with a flurry of fundraising catalogs, it’s AroHawk they want to buy because they can save more than $1,500 over the course of a year buying products and services they are already buying – just at lower prices. And for every $35 membership your group sells, your organization wins $20.00 in profit. Even small groups, such as a cheerleading team, can quickly raise thousands of dollars to cover the cost of uniforms, camps, and travel.  Best of all, next year when they start to raise funds, you’ll enjoy starting at about 60% of your goal because you get $20 of every renewal membership sold when last year’s member renews their membership. It’s just that easy. 


To get started with an easy and profitable AroHawk fundraiser, contact us today!


AroHawk’s Basic Fundraiser Program AroHawk leverages a network of more than 300,000 brick and mortar retailer and service providers with a network of 17+ million
Through our multiple relationships with Credit & Debit Card Program Managers AroHawk acts as a broker of Traditional Credit Card Products and Debit Card –