Q: How does an AroHawk fundraiser work?

A: First contact us to schedule a fundraiser. We send brochures and order forms. Your group (students, volunteers) will take orders from the local community and deliver the membership right then – You won’t be spending time having to go back later to deliver a product because they receive it right on the spot. Then, tally the orders and submit to AroHawk.

Q: How much money can I make with an AroHawk Membership fundraiser?

A: Every $35 membership you sell raises $20 for your cause. Most students/volunteers sell between 10 and 15 memberships during the fundraiser.  Depending on the size of your volunteers you could raise as much as $4,000-$6,000 with just 20 volunteers.  Some larger organizations with web presence and large volunteer groups raise as much as $450,000 with an organized team and supportive community. How much you raise depends not just on group size, but participation rate (how many people sell).

Q:  Is my group or goal too small for an AroHawk Fundraiser?

A:  Every group has different strengths, and an AroHawk fundraiser may be the perfect way to raise the funds you need. A small dedicated team of only 10 sellers can raise thousands. Ask our experts if AroHawk is a good fit for your group.   Schedule a 15 minute call today through our online calendar by clicking here:  Online Calendar

Q:  Since these are annual memberships, do we get credit for our members that register every year?

A:  YES!  As long as your organization is in existence, you get credit for every member who renews their membership on an annual basis.  Currently the average renewal is around 60% which means next year you can start your fundraising with 60% of your goal already done or you can build on top of the previous year’s success and raise even more money to do more things like camp, building funds, travel athletics or travel academics! So get started today!

Q:  What kinds of materials do you provide to help me sell more memberships?

A:  We are committed to your success and offer a line of support materials. Our eye-catching materials include posters, flyers, automated annual renewal reminders, and more. We also offer a step-by-step guide and a library of documents like volunteer forms and email letters for out of town family and friends who can also take advantage of our nationwide network.

Q:  Is someone available to help me if I have questions?

A:  Absolutely! Every person who runs a fundraiser with AroHawk has direct access to one of our fundraising experts. Our representatives know fundraising inside and out, and are available to make sure you meet your goals.

Q:  How can I get more order forms for my AroHawk fundraiser?

A:  Congratulations on selling lots of memberships! Since your order forms are electronic, you can simply print more forms as you need them. If you ARE the coordinator, talk with your AroHawk rep or call 208-321-2553 and we will send more order forms!

Q:  Do you require any money up-front?

A:  With an AroHawk fundraiser, there are setup fees to establish your account and associate your organization to a group of membership licenses.  Therefore, there is a $150 deposit required for most fundraisers that plan to sell under 1,000 licenses.  This fee is credited to your organization when you start the fundraiser and sell your first 10 licenses.  Once you are ready to get started, we will get you ready with everything you need for a profitable sale, including flyers, licenses, instruction sheets or videos and order forms.

Q:  What if I run out of licenses to sell before my fundraiser is over?

A:  No problem, just contact your AroHawk fundraising expert or call 208-321-2553 and let us know how many more you think you will need and we’ll get them allocated to you within 48 hours.  Any unsold licenses will be turned back in to AroHawk without further obligation on your part!

Q:  Do you have a prizes or incentives programs for my group participants?

A:  Yes we do! We know providing great incentives for kids are one of the best ways to increase sales of memberships to meet your fundraising goals. To maximize success, you can either structure your own prizes and incentives, or use our program.

Q:  Can I do a fundraiser for a private cause, such as a college fund for a child or medical bills for a friend?

A:  Yes, you can! There may be tax implications, such as sales tax, if you are reselling our memberships and you are not a nonprofit or educational organization. Please contact us for more details on how to operate an AroHawk fundraiser for your cause and be sure to bring up this topic.

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